the feminine body is a powerhouse.  when our body and energy are aligned, we become so much more than we ever thought we could be.  we become a bonfire warming everyone around us with wisdom, healing, and nurturing love. we become magnets to everything we ever desired.

it's healed and activated humans that will change the world.

Whether you're a mother, a mother-to-be, dreaming of motherhood, or just have a mother's heart... you have a part to play.  I believe that when mothers heal their bodies, their nervous systems, and their energy they have the capacity to truly thrive and step fully into their purpose.  

My whole bodied, family centered approach brings women from survival mode or coasting mode into thriving and compounding momentum quickly so you can feel your best, be the best mom, and call in and hold your dream life.

Everyone's journey looks different, but at its core we start by activating your intuitive senses, healing your body from any physical ailments that are eating up your resources, and activating abundance and purpose. 

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1:1 healing mentorship

HEALINGS & Embodied Wealth


It's my job (and obsession) to lead you to your best self.

here's how I can help

"Our container has been lifechanging. I can't even remember what I was doing before meeting you.  How funny is life.  Everything has its timing." 


"If it's hard and dark, Angie will help you find and focus the flashlight you need, or else figure out how to see in the dark.  Her reading helped me to feel better.  I have more hope that I'm doing what I need to be doing and that it makes a difference."

"Angie is truly magical.  I've been seeing her as a 1:1 student for 4 months now and my life has drastically changed.  I've been in dark places before but have not come out of it like I recently did due to the help of Angie and her intuitive abilities.  It's on another level! We've really done some amazing work and I'm glad that she was the person I chose to be part of this journey.  Truly a gem in all shapes and forms."


"The amount of time,, energy, and support Angie has shared with me in the last 6+ month has helped me get as far as I am today with walking into my purpose but first and foremost my healing. I give so much gratitude for the patient and loving soul she is.  Deeply rooted trauma and suffering with multiple mental disorders that I no longer need medication for."