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Angie Pope

i am

I'm the mother of five beautifully crazy kiddos— Aiden, Serena, Jonah, Jack, and Elsie— and wife to the best partner in crime, Isaac. 

I'm Angie!

hey there

» I'm a huge coffee and tea girl! My husband and I met working at a Starbucks!
» I lam a nurturer at heart and love to make people feel warm, fuzzy, and brilliant.
» I have no self control around dessert. Cheesecake = kryptonite.
» I first tapped into my intuitive gifts at the age of 7, but didn't rediscover them until I was 30.
» I have a degree in psychology and am a published photographer.
» My oldest and I make and sell our own fudge at the Monroe Farmer's Market!
» I love animals! I've had dogs, cats, a turtle, a tree frog, a squirrel, and raccoons!
» I'm proudly embody the term Earth Mama. I love being in nature and being barefoot!
» I am a firm believer that massive change can come through shifting your energy.
» I'm a bit of a perfectionist and often remind myself to extend myself grace too.


My Approach

>> I believe that each and every one of us is a once in a lifetime cosmic event.  
>> I believe that love wins every time, and that even sacred anger comes from love. 
>> I believe that hustle mentality is not the way to go, but that we can create through a place of rest.
>> I believe in incorporating the divine feminine, in all of her wild ways.
>> I believe that seeing your divine self through art is an incredible tool for transformation and growth.
>> I believe that the universe speaks.
>> I believe that your gifts- yes yours!- are needed. 

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

Most of my scars from my from my early teen years and I knew when I eventually made it to the other side that I wanted to help others get through their dark days.

I got a degree in psychology, but didn’t use it right away. Instead, I followed my heart towards photography and became an artistic entrepreneur so I could be flexible in my time with my family.

Over time, I incorporated more and more psychology into my photography experience. I created my EmpowerME sessions which I love!
I created my Goddess Rising sessions, an immersive experience that takes you deep into connecting with your inner self while I create artwork that brings her to life. 

And, finally, I started opening myself to for 1:1 readings and coaching women through balancing their energy, incorporating rest, and connecting with their inner goddesses.

This is me

I knew I wanted to help people from the time I was a teenager.

i have a story to tell

and I love her.


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