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I'm a mom of 5 kiddos between the ages of 15 and 1 year old.  Two of them are on the autism spectrum.  All of them are wild, whimsical, a little chaotic, and pretty amazing. We live about an hour outside of Atlanta, Georgia!

I'm a 2/5 Generator in Human Design. I believe that magic is SO real and is ignited when we dive into radical self love, embodiment, and expansion.  

I believe that the combination between earth, body, and energy is key and I love healing the body so it can receive your wildest dreams.  

I'm also super passionate about connecting with children as sovereign souls on their own journeys.  I believe that kids need to be taken care of energetically as well as physically.

I'm angie!

I've been a wild, magical, and maternal since I was a child. 

When I was 7, I heard that I was meant to be a priestess.  I spent all my time in nature.  I created all sorts of healing potions to for people out of botanicals and intention.  But I had no idea what being a priestess or a healer truly meant.  As I got older, I found myself being made fun of for my imagination and whimsy, so I turned my intuition down and off.  

As a teen, I found myself incredibly empathetic and struggling to accept myself and fit in with others.  I resorted to excessive self harm and spent over a decade fighting against my own body.  I knew that when I made it through this, I wanted to help people, but I had no idea how... so I got a degree in psychology.


Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of mind.

In the years that followed, I earned the name Super Woman.  People watched and admired my resilience.  I'd made it through self harm, eating disorders, and child loss... I'd made it through more than one abusive relationship, through mental illness, and so much more.

At first I was really proud of myself.  I was glad my resilience was inspiring.  I thought, maybe I was just the lightning rod that absorbed trauma so I could share motivation, and hold up a beacon of hope. 

But the magic happened when I allowed myself to deepen into remembering.  I joined a group that focused on connecting to your intuition and I felt the codes in my body respond.  I dove deep into learning to connect more to my intuition and psychic senses.  I discovered more of my gifts and deepened my healing craft and developed my own womb healing modality.  I sought out mentors and healed my body, my nervous system, and my energy. I watched my kids heal- especially my special needs kiddos.

And then... almost magically... I was introduced to a training for priestesses and I came full circle into my purpose.  

Get to know 


You might be surprised to learn...

I love healthy eating but am definitely still obsessed wtih desserts.  

Cheesecake and chocolate might be some of my faves.

I Love crafting magical things.

I make magical candles, energy infused herbal bath salts and more in the apothecary.

sound has my heart.

I love listening to upbeat music, spiritual music, healing frequencies, and musicals
(Hamilton still has my vote!)

I'm obsessed with allll kinds of animals!

I've had dogs, cats, frogs, a squirrel, raccoons, and newts!

I believe in love (or soul recognition) at first sight.

My husband and I met working together at Starbucks!  We got married 2.5 months after our first date!  When you know, you know.

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