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There's a common misconception that healing takes time.  Here, we work with the mind, body, and spirit powerfully so we can stretch our capacity instantly.  As a mom of 5, my time is immensely valuable and I don't settle for anything less than a quantum leap into your best self. 

So where do we begin?  I'm here whether you're looking for fertility healing to start your motherhood journey, or if you're looking for healing through pregnancy and postpartum.  I'm here if you're ready to release womb or body trauma and bring your physical self all the way online and reclaim your health.  

I'm here for helping you powerfully reconnect to your intution and activate your psychic senses.  I'm here for channeled messages from your spirit baby or your past loved ones.  I'm here for guidance on your next steps, no matter where in your journey you are.  

Are you ready?


a clearing and activation healing every new moon

a healing and magic call every full moon

channeled messages each quarter moon

a private Facebook group for questions and community

My monthly membership where we focus on connecting to the moon's cycles and our body's cycles powerfully.

total investment: $5500



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A 45 minute call where we dive into your body's unique wealth codes and channeled wealth and business guidance.  



4 intuitive calls per month for readings, healings, & mentorship

daily access to me in between via voice/text chat

access to all of my workshops/courses/memberships 

Total Investment: $55/mo

For the person who is ready to go all in and become the most vibrant version of herself in a 3 month private container with Angie

1:1 healing mentorship

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It's time to reclaim your magic, mama.


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Here we focus on healing a specific physical illness, restoring balance, restoring mental/emotional balance, or psychic activation.  

integrative healing session

accessing your wealth codes

for adults and children

healing wealth patterns

channeling your embodied wealth strategy